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We at Mita Rika Kogyo shall strive to protect personal information by complying with the provisions below pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

1. Collection of personal information

We shall collect personal information within the limit necessary for fulfilling specific objectives.

2. Use of personal information

Full attention shall be paid to use the collected information only for the objectives stipulated when such information was collected so as not to damage the customer’s rights.

3. Disclosure and protection of personal information

No personal information of customers shall be disclosed or provided to any third party except as provided for in relevant laws and regulations.

4. Management and protection of personal information

In handling the personal information of customers, we shall make every effort to appropriately manage and prevent leaks of such information by assigning responsible personnel. We shall strive to have appropriate and efficient safeguards in place to protect the personal information of customers from unauthorized third-party access as well as the risk of loss, destruction or falsification of such information.

5. Compliance with personal information protection laws, regulations and other relevant norms

We shall comply with the requirements of a compliance program conforming to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS Q 15001) and other relevant laws, regulations and norms.

6. Continuous improvement

We at Mita Rika Kogyo shall formulate an internal compliance program for personal information protection, and organize relevant mechanisms to foment adequate awareness among our directors and employees. The program shall be reviewed, maintained and revised periodically.