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Company Name Mita Rika Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Foundation 1949
Establishment 1964
Capital 10 million Japanese Yen
Board Members President: Koichi Chigusa
Executive Director: Minoru Sano
Director: Shigeko Chigusa
Auditor: Yuko Chigusa
Number of Employees 37 (Including part-time jobbers)
Business Licenses Construction Industry
Machine & Tool Installation Work Business: License (General – 13) 116211 was granted by the governor of Osaka prefecture
on April 13, 2006.

Pharmaceutical Affairs Act
Selling / Lease Business of Advanced Control Medical Equipment: License No. N00007
License was granted on April 1, 2005.
Manufacturing & Selling Business of Second Class Medical Equipment: License No. 27B2X90001
License was granted on April 1, 2005.
Medical Equipment Manufacturing Business: License No. 28BZ200009
License was granted on April 1, 2005.
Medical Equipment Repair Business: License No. 27BS6191
License was granted on February 18, 2005.
ISO Certification ISO9001:2000
Banks of Account Nishinoda Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Umeda Branch, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Umeda Branch, Kinki Osaka Bank, Limited
Osaka Branch, The Bank of Nagoya, Ltd.
Osaka Umeda Branch, The Bank of Ikeda, Ltd.
Joined Associations Japan Pharmaceutical Equipment & Machinery Association, Japanese Society of Medical Instrumentation, Japan Association of Health Industry Distribution (Supporting Member), Osaka Medical Instruments Association
Head Quarters
Head Quarters
2-8-2 Oyodo-naka, Kita-ku, Osaka, 531-0076 Japan
TEL: +816-6458-0971 
FAX: +816-6458-2393
Sales Offices Tokyo Office
2-17-13-102 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033 Japan
TEL: +813-3812-5371 FAX: +813-3812-5041

Kyushu Office
4-26-09-103 Nanakuma, Jonan-ku, Fukuoka, 814-0133 Japan
TEL: +8192-874-0150 FAX: +8192-874-0151
Sanda Factory 15-13 Chuo-cho, Sanda, Hyogo, 669-1529 Japan
TEL : +81795-62-2559 FAX : +81795-63-6187
Development Center 313-3 Tako, Kurodasho-cho, Nishiwaki, Hyogo, 679-0321 Japan
TEL: +81795-28-4354 FAX: +81795-28-3504
Chubu Technical Center 1-11-13 Ronchi-cho, Takahama, Aichi, 444-1314 Japan
TEL: +81566-52-7933  FAX: +81566-52-7900
Description of Business Mita Rika Kogyo Co., Ltd, manufactures and sells pharmacy equipment, milk preparation equipment, medical equipment, laboratory equipment and sterile product containers for public hospitals, private hospitals, academic medical centers and pharmaceutical / chemical laboratories.
We handle the washing, drying, sterilization, preparation water production, filling, clean equipment and sterile product containers as preparation; and the washing, sterilization, milk preparation water production, milk preparation equipment, milk preparation, clean equipment and milk preparation supplies as milk preparation total system.
We aim to make a social contribution by giving solutions to problems with washing, drying, sterilization, etc. that clients have.